• Kelly Candelaria

And it's the oddest first day of classes, ever!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sitting at my desk thinking of the strangest first day ever! I keep thinking that if I come by my website I will see you all. So, I just decided to write you all a note and let you know that I am thinking about you and our class and wishing I could go down the hall and say hi to my colleagues. It would be fun to see Sharon DeMeyer and Lisbed Santamaria in the department office. I could swing by my friend Erin Kelly's office and say hi and we could share about creating our syllabi. And, I would be prepping in my office excited to meet all my new students. But, this semester we are socially distanced. If you get a chance, write me back. Tell me a little about your day. I'm here...waiting...

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