• Kelly Candelaria

Return to complete virtual-only instruction and reduction of on-campus residents

Good evening,

I just wanted to reach out to you regarding the recent announcement regarding our campus instruction and residency.  Some of you may be affected by this announcement.  If you are currently in face-to-face courses please be aware that all classes will be moving to virtual-online only immediately. Please do not go to campus and check your Blackboard courses and websites for instruction. 

I am concerned for those of you who may be affected by the closing of on-campus housing.  If you are a student currently living on-campus and you do not have anywhere to go, there are resources for you.  Please look at the end of this message for information.  If you need an extension on any course-work please, please reach out to me. I am here to support you.  For many of you, there might not be any change to your schedule or life.  For others, it may be dramatic. 

I am so sorry that we are in this place.  I know that there is a lot of disappointment regarding being in virtual classes for everyone, including me.  If I can do anything to support you I would love love to be of help.  

Have a restful evening.  And, take a deep breath.  We will get past this.  We are intrepid.

Professor Kelly Candelaria

From President Hutchinson

Students, please read the following instructions carefully:

In-Person Classes 

As mentioned above, in-person classes will move to virtual format starting Monday, August 31, and we ask that anyone enrolled in this type of course not come to campus. 

Students taking in-person classes should expect communication from their professors over the next couple of days regarding their plans for those courses. Please understand that faculty are receiving this message at the same time students are and may not have had sufficient time to complete the transition. We should all give each other grace and understanding as we respond to the news and make the appropriate changes as soon as we can. If you don’t hear from your instructor in the next few days, please reach out to them or the chairperson of your department. The University will assist both students and faculty to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Students are encouraged to visit the Student Resources webpage on Chico State’s COVID-19 News & Information website for an array of resources for successful online learning, including advice from experienced distance learners, comprehensive technology support—including laptop loans and virtual-technology assistance—and off-campus internet resources. 

On-Campus Housing 

To reduce the number of additional infections, we ask all students currently living on campus to secure off-campus housing by Sunday, September 6th. We understand the inconvenience of vacating campus housing so quickly, but Chico State’s residence halls have experienced rapid and alarming rates of COVID-19 cases and the well-being of students makes quick action imperative. Simply put, we need students out of the residence halls as quickly as possible for their own safety. 

University Housing will oversee move-out to ensure it’s completed in accordance with health and safety guidelines. This includes having residents sign up for specific moving days and times, and limiting the number of family members who can enter residence halls to minimize possible exposure. Residents will receive a separate, detailed communication.

Off-Campus Student Services will assist students in securing alternate housing—with the University offering prorated refunds for room and meal charges. Students who are not able to secure housing off-campus can submit a hardship application through University Housing. Students with no other housing options will be accommodated. 

Enduring Commitment to Safety 

The transition to virtual-only learning and reducing on-campus housing doesn’t mean the Chico State community can relax its commitment to keeping ourselves and those around us in the larger Chico community safe. On the contrary, the rapid spread of the virus among our Wildcat community is evidence that we must continue and improve our efforts to follow COVID-19 best practices like physical distancing, wearing face coverings, and washing hands in an effort to flatten the COVID-19 spike that we’ve witnessed this past week. 

With the spread of COVID-19 in our community, it is more important than ever to not participate in large gatherings, especially parties. Monitor symptoms on a daily basis, self-isolate if you have symptoms, and call Chico State’s COVID-19 Hotline at 530-898-2222 for advice. While we won’t be attending classes on campus, we all have a responsibility to protect the well-being of the community beyond Chico State’s footprint.

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